Real Estate AgentsCarriage House Realty Corp., launched its boutique platform in 1994. Having worked for several large Real Estate Brokerages, from Century 21, through NRS, Re/Max and few more, the experiences garnered there helped shape our Hands On, Attention to Detail, Completely Service Oriented Approach.

Between us, Derrik Libawski and Hal Napper, we believe that Experience Matters, you have the right to get full service, and complete access to our extensive network of professionals. Combined with our 60+ years of knowledge in all aspects of the Real Estate world, we can guide you through the process of making a wise purchase effortlessly, and confidently. From the first buyer, to the most sophisticated land development projects we have covered it all.

Let us put this to work for you. You will not regret our approach, and you will be proud and happy with your purchase.


Derrik Libawski Hal Napper Lynne Gibson