Custom BungalowThe Art of Estate Construction, the Custom Build

Derrik Libawski B.A., M.V.A, President/Broker of Record

It takes a skilled professional team to come up with the right mix of style, location, fit, finish, and of course price. Over the course of my career this network of professionals has been cultivated specifically to help those in search of a refined approach to building an estate property. One to be proud of every time you come home. With several builders at my disposal and different locations at my fingertips you just may find this combination.

How about an equation that allows the freedom of choice across the board? With scores of Architectural designs to please your eyes, floor plans that are functional and dazzling, to experts in every field, we go above and beyond to provide that personal touch. From the all too important kitchen, where design is key, to the marble and granite where you personally pick your slab, right down to the paint colour selection there will be an expert guiding hand. Let me help pick your perfect lot and plot your home; as a specialist in Custom Estate Residential land, homes and new house construction for over 25 years I can help you visualize what can be done, and bring it to reality.

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Whether you want a walk-out basement overlooking a lake, or a peaceful site surrounded by conservation I have a consistently replenished stock of sites, and at a reasonable price unmatched in Caledon. Construction continues in various locations, and there’s always a hustle and bustle as people come and go. It can be a rewarding experience to be part of the process; construction personnel and new owners picking and choosing, heavy equipment stirring up the dirt, hammers pounding, successes and challenges to overcome, and of course moving in. It’s probably in your best interest to take a look at this incredible opportunity, certainly if you’ve been waiting for something special to come along.

It takes a fair amount of insight, and experience to create an Estate Home, it also takes patience. There are always some stumbling blocks, it’s how effectively you deal with these blocks that becomes a key component to a satisfying experience. With over 25 years of experience in every field of this type of construction there is no doubt that you will be proud and happy to come home every day.

Check out our sample of floor plans then the virtual tours, and marvel at some of our accomplishments then ask yourself why you’re waiting.